Posted by: history591seventeen | June 16, 2010

Ft. Ticonderoga and Saratoga

Today we went to many great sites today.  We went to Ft. Ticonderoga and the battle site for Saratoga.  At Ft. Ticonderoga I gained a better understanding of the purpose for this fort.  It was built by the French in 1775 and later became the place of the first American victory during the Revolutionary War. 

Then we went to the battle site for Saratoga.  This was a nine mile site which we experienced on our bus with our guide pointing and explaining the different strategic points.  I found both of these sites fascinating.  I took many pictures that I plan to make into a power point to show and then explain to my students.  Days like today demonstrate why it is important to visit sites like this.  I will be able to do a much better job at explaining these historical places to my students.

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