Posted by: history591seventeen | June 15, 2010

Women’s Rights/ William Seward and the Erie Canal

We saw so many things today.  First we went to the Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York.  We were allowed to visit the homes of to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the M’Clintock House [Quaker activist; where Women’s Convention planned] and William Seward home in Auburn, NY.  At William Seward’s home we learned about the fact that he and his wife were abolitionists, which I did not know before. 

Our guide also told us about his daughter Fanny, who at the age of 14 had decided to be a writer and began keeping a diary of the family’s daily lives.  The guide said that is how they know so much about the family.  We also were reminded of the assassination attempt on Seward’s life, the same night Abe Lincoln was shot.  Fanny was a witness to this event and wrote about it in her diary, which is something I plan on using in the classroom.  Students would be interested in viewing this tragic event through the eyes of Fanny.

We then got back on the bus and went to the Harriett Tubman museum where we got to see the home that Tubman’s second husband built for her and then the home she used as an old folks home, which was another fact I did not know.

Then back to the bus; we then went to the Erie Canal and wrote on a boat up and down the river where we got to see the canal locks in action.  Our guide explained how important this canal was to trade in the area.  Things that had taken weeks to move across the country now only took a matter of days.  This was also a peaceful end to a hectic day.

After experiencing all of the these different places and people, I think I would like to put together a power point from my photos and show them to my students explaining to them how each one of these people and places impacted lives of Americans, kind of an informational lesson on New York State.  Maybe as an extension we could look at people and places that have impacted lives in our own area in Colorado.



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