Posted by: history591seventeen | June 14, 2010

National Baseball Hall of Fame and much more…

Today we visited the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  I found out how Cooperstown’s Abner Doubleday had claimed and convinced others that the game of baseball was invented in Cooperstown in 1839; that is why the hall of fame is located here.  Our guide told us that the museum has not had to purchase any of the items on display; for they have all been donated.  They currently have 292 name plates and will be adding three more inductees in July.  They have a wealth of lesson plans on line that I plan to get into and use in my classroom.  I’m not sure which ones I will be using, but after the brief look we were given today, I am sure they are all very good.

We also went to the Fenimore Art Museum, which held some beautiful pieces from John Singer Sargent’s collection.  There was even information on one of the painting we saw in a different museum; the painting was called “Madame X”.  I found it weird to see information on a painting in one place and then view it at a different location.

Lastly, we went into the Farmers’ Museum where we saw a 19th Century village.  We rode on the merry-go-round (twice), saw some baby lambs, and watched the blacksmith make a nail, which was very cool; saw the pharmacist make pills and handle leeches, which was kind of scary. 

Ever heard of "King of the Kid. . . by a Kid"?

And as we were visiting the different sites today, we saw a lot of kids enjoying these same events with their families, which again emphasizes the importance of children getting see and experience the opportunities that are out there for them, no matter how old they are; for today I also saw many of the men that are on this trip being transformed into little boys as they entered the Hall of Fame.  I think it was an amazing experience for them and I’m glad they had the chance to go there.

Yes, that's Jonathan waving!

                       Oh and by the way, I’m not sure this “Rube” stuff is all that bad.  Here are two “Rubes” that made it into the Hall of Fame!


 So, in that case, maybe we all want to be “Rubes”!


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