Posted by: history591seventeen | June 13, 2010

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Wow, speak of how the other half lived; Theodore Roosevelt’s home was beyond words; yet he was sure to give back to society.  We went through the house and our tour guide told us about his personal life; we walked through his son’s house and read about Theodore Roosevelt’s personal and political career; then we took a walk to the bay.  The house was full of animal heads that for the most part, Roosevelt had hunted and killed himself; the grounds were beautiful and even had a working wind mill that was used to pump water into the house. 

While I was visiting the book store, I found a few books on Theodore Roosevelt that I purchased for my classroom and I think what I really want to do with my students is introduce them to Teddy Roosevelt.  He did so much for America and students need to hear and understand his story, and see how one person can make a difference for the betterment of mankind.  Who knows what would have happened to natural park land that he established, so future generations would have the opportunity to enjoy nature as it was long ago.  Without natural parks many people would not get the chance to see how and where animals of the wild live.  Without natural parks, many families may not have a place to vacation or a place to spend time together as a family.



  1. That home was tiny compared to FDR’s three home complex!

    • Very true, but I could live in either place very happily!

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