Posted by: history591seventeen | June 11, 2010

Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

I felt like everything I took part in today was part of an emotional rollercoaster. I felt excited, confused, energized and sad all in a matter of hours. First we sailed by the Statue of Liberty, which I found exciting and humbling at the same time. She is so beautiful and she makes one feel so full of promise. Next, we went to Ellis Island to take part in a behind the scenes tour, which showed me places where immigrants were cared for with what I felt would have been love and respect in a hospital setting. Then Chris and I took our time going through the rest of the Ellis Island exhibit. I tried to look at this as if I were an immigrant trying to get into this country, and I found it to be a very terrifying experience; but at the same time, I think the inspectors tried to alleviate the fears of the immigrants as much as they could.
Next we went to visit the Statue of Liberty, which was just an amazing thing to see up close. It is hard to imagine still how big she really is, yet I was right there. Chris and I left there looking for FOOD and we ended up at another Marriott that had a bar and grill where we were served to best, most juicy cheeseburger I have had so far on this trip and the pickles were to die for! After replenishing our bodies, we went to Liberty Street to see Ground Zero. This was a very emotional and heartbreaking experience. To me this is the site where our world changed forever, for we lost our innocence on 9/11. Yet, I am usually optimistic and I must say, even though over 3,000 people died on that day, looking at all of the construction, one can still feel the hope that continues to drive us Americans to be the best we can be at what we do. So there is a ray of hope on Liberty Street.
There are many things I will use in my classroom from Ellis Island. We were given all kinds of resources and at this time I’m not sure which ones I will use how, but boy did we get a lot in which to choose.


  1. Hi Dana,
    That was an exciting day but like you I felt sad to think about how many people went through the port and not fulfilling their dream. I am not sure if I would leave my home, learn a new language, look for a job, and a place to live, what an experience! A possible lesson plan would have the students come to a port of entry, using a person who speaks a different language not common in the area and see if the student could make the process. Then have the students write and discuss their experience.

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