Posted by: history591seventeen | June 5, 2010

Roosevelt and the Culinary Institute

                                                                                                      It was amazing to see where Franklin D. Roosevelt lived. I thought it was interested to hear the story of the elevator, as well as to be given a better understanding of how FDR hid his disability and why he hid it. The ranger told us that the only way you would know FDR couldn’t walk would be to spend the night because then you would see him use his wheel chair to get around. Otherwise, if you visited FDR, he would be found seated in the house somewhere with his legs crossed and would not leave that spot until after your visit was over.

FDR used a pulley system to hoist himself up to the different levels of the house. I find that to reflex his desire to want to care for himself as much as possible, using as little outside help as he could. Studying FDR with my students would assist me in explaining to students how some things have changed over time. People do not look down on other people , as much, in the same ways, if and when they find out that they have disabilities. It would be easy to go into some of the laws that have been passed and discuss if that may be why people have changed their view of individuals with disabilities.

We also experienced the Culinary Institute of America. This was a refreshing experience because the students who I interacted with were so excited about what they were doing and learning, that it was somewhat contagious. They explained their program and then fed us their delicious food. Of course my favorite part of the meal was the warm (yummy) chocolate pudding cake. The day was a lot to take in, but a great time had by one and all (I think).

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