Posted by: history591seventeen | June 5, 2010

Museum of the City of New York

 Today we recieved a lot of information about the city of New York, which was presented in many different ways.  I liked the way EY Zipris demonstrated the fact that we all have some type of artifacts on display.  She said whatever we display in our homes is a reflection of the story we want to share with those who come in to our homes.  That is a great way to relate to students.  I can talk to them about what they may have placed out in the open in their bedrooms that they share with their friends and then I can ask them, “What is the story you want to tell?”and “Why are you sharing this story?” or something like that. 

We were also given a tour about Cars, Culture and the City.   I found some of the advertisements that were used in this display very interesting.  I plan to use some of these photos to work on higher level thinking skills.  The advertisements, of course, had a beautiful car in it, but there were other items in the photo as well.  I will have students list what they see in the ads and have them state why they think these items were added to the photo and what these items create or add to the photo.  Then I would like to expand this to having students pick their own theme (like the car theme) and bring in their own ads, about five, present the information to their peers, answering the same questions as to why certain items were placed in the photo with their chosen items.  I feel this activity could bring awareness to students as to how marketing influences some of the simple decisions we all make when it comes to purchasing the things that we buy.   It would be a great discussion!



  1. Dana,
    I totally agree with your statement about the influence of media. This is a great way to get kids to think. They get pretty hot under the collar when they understand how they are influenced by advertising. This type of activtiy would help stimulate higher thinking skills. Too often they mindlessly watch ads and do not think how they are being influenced.

    • Anne,
      I think this kind of activity could help students become smarter consumers. Our students are the age group that most advertisers are targeting as it is and they need all the help they can get in reaching informed decisions.

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