Posted by: history591seventeen | June 11, 2009

Wright/Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Wed, June 10 014After our tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright homes, I have a much better understanding of why he was so revolutionary, and after a while I could actually pick out the homes he designed.



Porch of Maidens

Porch of Maidens

Then away we went to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.  The virtual tour the guide gave us of the World’s Fair was fascinating.  It was so much easier to imagine where buildings, etc., had been located outside by previewing that simulation, as he called it, first.

At the same time, this museum held a special treat for children.  The Harry Potter car was there, advertising for the Exhibit they had on display of costumes and props from the Harry Potter books/movies.  As teachers we know what an impact Harry Potter has on our reluctant readers.  It was great to see that enthusiasm in the kids that were on the same tour I was.

Mr. Weasley's car

Mr. Weasley's car

Lastly, I visited a wonderful exhibit on Abraham Lincoln in the library that is across the street from where we are staying.  It is on the 9th floor.  If you have some extra time some evening, go and enjoy; it is free and takes about 30 minutes to walk through!



  1. Dana,

    My wife was envious when I told her there was a Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum. I am glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Matt,
    It was well done, and what a great hook to get kids into museums!

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