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Hull House

Jane Addams

Jane Addams

Going to Hull House today was a pleasure!  Jane Addams did so much for the immigrants in Chicago and many of her programs caught on elsewhere.  She was an important visionary of the 19th Century.  She was the champion for the underdog. 

I thought it was interesting that she and her supporters believed in the importance of play.  Today we have entered an age when testing is more important!  As we continue down this road, the idea of play has been pushed to the side in the importance of utilizing every minute for instruction. Elective classes are disappearing, recess is being replaced with more instructional time and PE classes have been cut down in most schools.  We have gotten away from being concerned with developing the well rounded, balanced child in the name of progress and improved test scores! How sad is that!

Children at Hull House

Children at Hull House










Addams also supported the family unit and the traditions set up in the homes.  She allowed immigrants to teach classes and attend classes given by others as a way of supporting these beliefs.  Addams offered training in the areas of job skills, and classes that taught the immigrants how to speak English, but she did not stop there.  She worked for labor reform for the immigrants as well.

Lettuce I helped pick for lunch

Lettuce I helped pick for lunch

Jane Addams is a great example of what a difference one person can make.  She was not afraid of having others join in her cause and help her.  In fact, Hull House would not have survived as long as it did any other way.  I know my textbook does not due her justice.  I plan on visiting the website and going through the information we were given today to see how I can do a better job of introducing my students to Jane Addams.



  1. Thank you very much for working on the lettuce for all of us. Ray

  2. You are welcone. It was actually fun!

  3. Dana,
    I have a lovely picture of you in the lettuce garden and as soons as I have a chance I will get it to you.


  4. Thank you, Dana

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