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Our Last Day in Springfield

Sat June 6,2009 033As we walked through the different sites today, the feeling of walking through Lincoln’s world was so real to me.  The National Parks Service and other historical institutes have done a great job of making these different sites comparable to how they once were.  I was able to get a feel for their life style; I took many impressive pictures that I will be able to place in to a presentation for my students, assisting them in taking the same walk with me. 


Lincoln Lesson Plan-

Lincoln wrote his first Inaugural Address on this desk!

Lincoln wrote his first Inaugural Address on this desk!

These last two days in Springfield have given me many of the needed materials I want to use in the lesson plan I want to develop.  I want to develop a “mini-Q”, which I would define as a smaller version of the DBQs we have recently used in our Master’s Classes. 

I want to present my middle school age students with six to eight different documents/primaries written by and about Lincoln.  I actually started collecting the documents our first day.  I want to use Lincoln’s autobiography, the letters Erin presented us with, and the paintings of Lincoln from different events and/or time periods.  I think each of these shows a different Lincoln than what is usually presented.  I want to find a few more, and create a balance of viewpoints of Lincoln. 

Then after my students are exposed to these primaries, I want them to answer a given question, which I think will be, “Abraham Lincoln is considered a great man.  After reading through the given documents/primaries, what do you think?  Was he a great man, or were there just great things written about him?  Please support your answer using the given text etc.”

Anyway, this is my developing idea, and we were given many web-sites that I plan to visit to look for the remaining documents.

Lincoln's Tomb

Lincoln's Tomb

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