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Springfield, Illinois-The Lincoln Library/Museum/Home

Friday, June 5 052   Coming to Abraham Lincoln’s home town was a dream come true for me!  I am so excited to be here and I feel like this first day has been a great kick off to our ten days of discovery.

Today was a day full of useful information.  Erin Bishop, from the library, gave us tons of valuable activities.  She gave us a primary source/secondary source activity that I will definitely use in my classroom.  It will be easy to implement and at the same time, it will be VERY helpful for beginning my students on their History Day research! 

Erin also gave us a hands-on activity using paintings of Lincoln at different time periods.  She had a list of questions that helped us explore the paintings in depth.  I will use this activity in my class as well, because of the ease it created depth, and how it produced a lot of interaction within our group; the questions she used could be somewhat adapted to use with many paintings.  My students will really benefit from this kind of understanding. Her questions included:

  • What is Lincoln doing?
  • Is he having fun? Working? Both?
  • How is Lincoln dressed?
  • Does his clothing provide clues about his financial situation?
  • Who else is in the picture?
  • What kinds of people did Lincoln interact with?
  • What do the paintings say about Lincoln, his character, his beliefs?

Erin also gave us some copies of letters written to and from Lincoln.  These letters were between Lincoln and his step-brother, and they provided me with a view of Lincoln that I have not seen before.  I cannot wait to show these to my students and get their reaction to them.

Friday, June 5 011After visiting the Lincoln Museum, which was very interesting, I was able to continue exploring this fascinating town.  Chris and I were able to find and go through the Lincoln home.  Wow! That was a treat!  The park ranger pointed out the rags to riches story that we all know; Lincoln started out in the log cabin and went on to a beautiful two-story home by 1860.  That is a story I can now show my students through photographs and painting, not just read it in a book.  Pictures do speak a thousand words you know.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s adventures!  

Lincoln's desk -1860

Lincoln's desk -1860

Lincoln's Springfield Home

Lincoln's Springfield Home

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