Posted by: history591seventeen | July 13, 2008


            As I reflect on the Philadelphia Expedition I find my feelings are hard to put it into words; there was so much that we did experience.  However, I think one of my favorite things would be going to the sites with people, the professors and guides, who know and understand the placement in history. 

            Independence Mall is outstanding.  These buildings and this area are so important to our history.  The way Independence Hall is set up it gives the feeling like we just stepped back into time and this is where our government is being formed . . .  now as we stand here.

            Going through Washington’s headquarters was pretty amazing.  The thought that we were allowed to touch the same banister that George Washington and other great men used was so cool! 

            When we went to Princeton, we found a marker there that was dedicated to Mary “Mother” Jones and a speech she gave there about child labor.  I had no idea she came to Princeton to speak.  I also went to the cemetery and found Aaron Burr’s grave.  I know that will be a big hit with my students. 

            Also I am grateful for the chance to visit Amish Country, and at the same time, develop a better understanding of their ideas and way of life.

            And as I write this reflection, I realize more and more through the material we studied and the conversations we had  that the men who helped shape this great nation of our, were human beings.   I think this is one of the most important qualities I can teach my students. 

            Yes these people made a difference, but so can my students.  One does not have to be a superhero to influence.  One just needs to be determined, seek help when one needs it and work toward the good of all, not just the one. 

             Thank you again for the great opportunity to learn more about our nation’s history and then to be able to bring this great story back to my students!


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