Posted by: history591seventeen | June 14, 2008


Our last day together was spent at Gettysburg.  We first went to visit Dr. Boritt at his beautiful home and discuss his book, “The Gettysburg Gospel”.  It was great to see the man behind the book.  He spoke briefly about his children; he then talked about a movie his son Jake is releasing about the author’s life, “Budapest to Gettysburg”, which I look forward to seeing.  I know this will give me a better understanding of the man and the book he wrote.      


We had lunch at the historical Dobbin House.  It is a historic 1776 stone home authentically restored.  Then we had a gentleman join us for a battlefield tour.  He spent two hours with us explaining different aspects of the three day battle.


Then I visited the museum which had many objects.  I got pictures of weapons and uniforms I can show to my students.  I also went to the gift shop and picked up some postcard paintings depicting the North and the South that I can use with my students in class discussion.  I can see using these for two different activities.  First I can use them to look at interpretation of the sights they are displaying.  After studying the Civil War, I can also use them to have students write stories of their own historical fiction.     


Lastly we visited the place of honor-The National Cemetery.  I think this is a beautiful sight, which shows dedication to the soldiers that died there and gives some recognition to President Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address.






  1. I stole some of your pictures; ammunition and guns-these types of things always attract my student’s attention. I hope they get a feeling of area by looking at our pictures as the study the events that happened there.

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