Posted by: history591seventeen | June 10, 2008

Christ Church/Philadelphia Museum of Art

Going to Christ Church for worship service was a great experience.  It is such a beautiful church.  The people were very friendly as we entered the church, and upon entering the church, we were given a bulletin for the service.  It was pretty clear to me that they must get a lot of visitors because anything and everything you would need to know about the service, from music to scripture readings, were printed in the bulletin. 


My biggest surprise came with the choir.  We had gone to the church on a different day for a tour, but I didn’t notice that the choir was in the balcony in the back of the church.  When the choir started singing, the beautiful voices and music came from behind us.  It was very moving. 




The next stop of the day was the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It is full of fantastic items.  Our tour guide explained many of the pieces that the museum held, including a tea pot crafted by Paul Revere.  He then turned us loose to explore on our own.  There were so many different items to see- American Art, European Art, Dutch Ceramics, Asian Art, and Arms and Armor to just name a few. 



 I enjoyed the Arms and Armor the most.  I found it fascinating to look at the details in the armor.  Some pieces had hooks on the breast plates, which I guess was to help the wearer support a jousting pole.  Additionally, there were armor pieces for the horses involved, which would create its own challenges in getting it on the horse.  At the same time, there were armors that would even fit children.  Wow, what an idea, putting your little four year old in armor to go fight with DAD. 


As I have discussed the Revolutionary War with my students, we talk about the different ways technology changes war.  Some have asked why armor wasn’t used in the Revolutionary War.  Through the pictures I took today, I can show them how strategies change and why it wouldn’t have been practical to wear armor as a member of say, the minute men. 



  1. War and technology! You are right- we don’t discuss this enough with the students. Especially about the lag that has usually occurred between technology and tactics. Thanks for the ideas!

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