Posted by: history591seventeen | June 8, 2008

Washington’s Crossing and Monmouth Battlefield

The visit to Washington’s Crossing showed us the advantages Washington had in using this place.  This is where the ferry already crossed and the Durham boats would have been there.  These boats were generally used to haul iron ore.  The guide told us that the water could be up to 20 feet deep in places and that would explain the length of the oars lining the wall of the boat house.  Therefore Washington selected this location to cross “the icy Delaware River and restored his nation’s morale”.




Another guide explained the painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze; Leutze completed this work of art in 1851.  This is not a factual representation of the crossing.  It is a painting to inspire others. 


The Monmouth Battlefield again showed the size of the battle on that hot day in June, which according to our guide was very much like today’s heat.  Additionally our guide explained objectives of the Monmouth Battle.  I teach to objectives every day, so I could very much relate to what he was saying.  Washington wanted a “fire and smoke show” the guide said, to motive his men.  So to others Washington may not have won, but now knowing Washington’s objective, I can see how this battle was not a draw, for Washington accomplished what he set out to do.



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