Posted by: history591seventeen | June 7, 2008

The Franklin Institute

Today we were invited into a place that is dedicated to the great man, Benjamin Franklin.  The Institute reminded us that Franklin was a practical man.  It displayed some of the simple ideas he experimented with and expanded.  For example, Franklin is thought to be the first to use swim fins.  He played around with them as a child.  Swim fins are a very practical idea.


The institute also houses some of Franklin’s artifacts that we were actually able to touch and take pictures of!  The one that surprised me the most was the lightening rod.  I have never seen one before and our guide said the reason the rod was bent was because it worked so well.  That’s good to know. 













Additional I found another treat.  The Franklin Institute holds many beautiful portrays and paintings, including my favorite right here!


At the same time I am always surprised by how some museums and/or institutes some times display these pieces. All the paintings were found in the business center of the institute, not where the public can view them. 

















 This one was in an office, around a corner, by the filing cabinets.  What a shame more people don’t see these.



  1. Dana,

    Thanks for sharing the paintings. It is a shame more people don’t see them, because I certainly missed out! At least I got to experience them via your blog.


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