Posted by: history591seventeen | June 5, 2008

Princeton Battle Site and more

Today we went to the Princeton battle site, which was quite fascinating.  I think what I liked the most was the fact that as with Valley Forge, I could again get a sense of the size of the Princeton battle.  The artifacts in the Clark house were pretty amazing.  My students will love seeing the pictures of the shells.  Also the loom in the upstairs was very interesting.  It was a lot bigger than I thought a loom would be. 


I experienced many other time periods today.  I have taught World War II and talked with my students about Woodrow Wilson, but seeing his bust in the Bainbridge House reminded me of his history in Princeton. 



The buildings were magnificent as well, both at the university and around the town.  How many teachers, (other than the ones on this trip) can say they have pictures of Einstein’s house?



Then we went on the see the detailed monument to Washington.  It is a very inspiring piece.  I kept trying to count the number of individuals that are depicted in it.  I still am not sure, but it is a beautiful sculpture. 



I also saw the plaza where Mary Mother Jones gave a labor speech; then the way I ended my stay was by visiting dead people.  I went to the cemetery with Becky and we found the graves of Vice President Aaron Burr and President Grover Cleveland.  Not too bad for a historical fieldtrip.



  1. Dana,
    I was jazzed to see that you left a comment about Woodrow Wilson. I also study him and my kids do a mini bio on him. I think that one of the most important aspects to understand his philosophy of foreign relations is to understand his connection and background in academia!


  2. Not too bad indeed. I’m glad you mentioned Mother Jones. I missed that little piece of information as we were touring. Do you think we’ll be any smarter now that we’ve seen Einstein’s house. Last year when we touched Harvard’s foot, I think maybe a little rubbed off. Then again, it might just be I read four more history related books this year.


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