Posted by: history591seventeen | June 3, 2008

Independence Hall Tour

            Today we went to Independence Hall.  It is so inspiring to be in the place where our nation drafted such important documents.  The park ranger stressed the fact that it only took three weeks to write the Declaration and five months to complete the Constitution.  That made me wonder how long it would take our Congress now to draft documents like these. 

            To be fair, the men who rode the Declaration and the Constitution had gotten away from Congress to get the work done.  Today, I’m sure they would have to do the same thing. 

            Also today we  saw the chair that I placed in the header of my blog.  I feel this is an important piece of historical furniture, (I told you, I like chairs). According to the it is called the “Rising Sun Armchair”.  As the park ranger told us, this was the chair that John Hancock sat in during the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. .  .  and George Washington also sat in this chair during the drafting of the Constitution.

            Prior to declaring independence, Ben Franklin had believed that we didn’t really need to break from English; we just needed to explain our differences and all could be worked out.  After going to English as a voice of reason, he discovered that there was no reasoning with England; he then actively supported independence.        

            Next we form our government using the Articles of Confederation.  However, that form of government didn’t work out well, which leads us to the Constitutional Convention, and back to the “Rising Sun Armchair”. 

            After working on the Constitution for five long months, it is said that Ben Franklin told James Madison, “I have often looked at that behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I… know that it is a rising…sun.”

            I just find this comment from Franklin so hopeful.  I’m sure there were many times over the months when hope would be the last sentiment these men felt.   They compromised and worked so hard to make something that would save our nation.  Thank GOD most of them loved their country!  For me, the “Rising Sun Armchair” reminds me of this.





  1. Dana,

    I was so happy for you when the ranger began talking about the significance of the chairs in the room!


  2. Dana, I had no idea you liked chairs so much! I thought that was just a joke!!!! Anyway, I enjoyed your comments on wondering how our government representatives would respond if they had to write a new constitution. It would be interesting to see how long it would take them. I could only imagine how much whining there would be. No hot, uncomfortable rooms for our spoiled senators and representatives, right?

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