Posted by: history591seventeen | June 16, 2007

The Party is Over!

Well here we are at the end of our journey together.  When we began this adventure, I knew I would be gaining a lot of new material, but what I didn’t know was how many friendships I would be beginning. 

  If you remember, I had a rocky start.  I was one of the people that JetBlue didn’t want to let on the plane.  I’m sure glad Dr. Harris got them to reopen the door!

 Then we began our expedition with Dr. Tad Baker.  He introduced us to Plimoth Plantation, Salem Town and Salem Village.  He let us know where to gather information and where to stay away from.  He introduced us to Deerfield and its fascinating stories of captives.  Dr. Baker also explored the home of Rebecca Nurse, the meeting house and cemetery with us.  Lastly, we visited Pemaquid, Maine and learned about its importance to the colonies.  We also got to see a cool light house and go to LL Bean.  I even had lobster that day.

  Our next trip took us the Sturbridge Village where we got to be colonist for half a day.  Then we were on the Lexington and Concord, which for me was like walking back into a history book—so cool!  Next the Massachusetts Historical Society opened their doors to us, so we could experience some of their documents and resources.  What a cool place to go to for work everyday.  I found the painting of George Washington very inspiring every time I walked passed it.  Lastly we visited sites along the Freedom Trail, which were unbelievable.  I loved learning more about Paul Revere!

  Finally, we end our journey at the Lowell Mills where another important part of our history began.    

  My favorite part of this trip is too hard to say right now, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you for making this such a great experience for me.  I look forward to using the materials we gathered together in my classroom, and as I organize these materials, I will be thinking of you and all that we have shared these past two weeks.

  BYE !!


  1. Dana, Glad you made on that plane! This was such an adventure. Even though blogging has been a pain at times, I know we’ll be able to share some information and insights now that we are home. How’s that lesson coming?
    Kris Allen

  2. Kris, I agree. Going back and reading my blog and looking at my pictures and our schedule has been very helpful. The lesson plan is coming slowly but surely, how are you doing on yours?

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