Posted by: history591seventeen | June 14, 2007

Paul Revere and Baseball

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I felt like I met the first true American-Paul Revere.  Here is a man who did just about everything. 

I knew about many of his occupations, but I didn’t know he was also a dentist.  What I really liked about learning about Revere was the use of artifacts with documents.  That really made this activity livelier. 

I enjoyed walking through his house and hearing the different stories, but the one that the guide told us about Revere’s recount of his “Midnight Ride” was a great illustration of the way people write for different audiences.  She explained that when he gave his deposition, it was factual; however, when he told his grandchildren about it, he added in the dog that ran back to Revere’s house to get his spurs.  What a great way to explain to students how important it is to know what a document is written for, how the document is to be used, and who is the intended audience. 

Then visiting Old North Church was exciting as well.  I remember from reading Fischer’s book, and the guide repeated it, that the lanterns were in the bell tower for only moments.  I did not know that before either.

I also walked up to Bunker Hill, and as I was exploring the room we were in, I saw a poster about Dr. Joseph Warren.  I then experienced what we as teachers are always trying to get our students to experience.  Yesterday we did a simulation where I was chosen to play Dr. Warren.  He was one of the patriots who was killed on Bunker Hill.  Here he was again and I was HOOKED!  I wanted to read everything I could find on him there.

Then I got to go to Historical Fenway Park and watch the Rockies BEAT the Red Sox.  Speak of an American dream.  I don’t think life as a history teacher can get much better than this day!   

[rockyou id=73234266&w=426&h=319]



  1. Dana:

    Try opening up a little bit more, and finishing this post.

  2. You need to go to bed earlier!

  3. I am glad you had fun at the game last night. I also liked the part where Paul Revere embelished his story for his grandchildren but did not embelish the story when he was interviewed. This also is a great way to get the students thinking about the audiance andthe reason for their presentation. I bought the book they recommended. The story is cute and talks about all aspects of his life. Amy

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