Posted by: history591seventeen | June 13, 2007

The Freedom Trail

I’m not sure words can describe the feelings brought about by visiting the sites we did today.  Going to the State House and learning more about the Boston Massacre, and then being able to see the location of where it took place was very moving.


I know the site is not recognized or memorialized; but just to see the general area and then visit the Old South Meeting House, and see where the Boston Pier would have been, which is where the Sons of Liberty unloaded the tea, helped me connect the dots.  It is just so meaningful to go to the sites that I have read so much about and taught in my classroom.


Also the simulations we received today will be very helpful to my classroom.  I already use a lot of simulations.  In fact, my students are always asking about when we will be doing another one.  So I am always looking for good simulations, and I feel the ones we got today were great!  I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

[rockyou id=72994212&w=426&h=319]


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