Posted by: history591seventeen | June 12, 2007

Massachusetts Historical Society and Victory Gardens

Today we visited a great resource, the Massachusetts Historical Society.  When they get this site up and running , this will be a great resource for me and my students.  At the same time, the Victory Gardens I just so happened on were really interesting.  There was a lady tending her garden who told the group I was with that this is the area where the Victory Gardens were grown during WW II.  How cool is that!  This is information I can share with my students.  There was also an address to write to for more information about the garden.  I think I will write, because I just want to know more.



  1. I really enjoyed seeing the Victory Gardens too. That is something I have read about, but I never realized that some people were still involved. It would be interesting to find out why some folks are still involved in this (boredom, tradition, etc.).
    Linda M.

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