Posted by: history591seventeen | June 6, 2007

Plimoth Plantation


Wow, Plimoth Plantation was a great experience! 

I enjoyed talking to the people.  It was interesting to hear their characters’ ideas of how things should be.  The women gave me a good feel as to how hard their jobs were.  I visited this one house where a man and his two children lived, one boy and one girl.  The girl was working on dinner for the family, as the man and son sat and watched.  I said something about the fact that they were just sitting and the man told me, the work she was doing was women’s work; he had already done his work in the field that day.  That wouldn’t fly at my house!  Clearly the characters did a great job of playing out their station in life.


  1. I wonder how many times people make the same comment about the men sitting while the woman tend to them. I saw the same thing with living history re-enactors at Bent’s Fort. I was once asked to participate in re-enacting, but said “no” unless I could be a man. Even pretending to be servile isn’t fun.

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